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About Tulip Solution


It is the spirit of dynamism and high level of conviction that has fostered the growth of Tulip Solution even in this competitive world. The energetic entrepreneurs boast of bountiful of innovative ideas and the fertility of the top notch management has been percolated through the ladder. The highly customer oriented Tulip Solution works virtually 24/7 to enable you with the power by which you can fight the challenges, whatever it may be.


Key People


Utpal Roy, the co-founder of Tulip Solution has exhibited traits in each of his actions and reactions that have made him incredible. Driven by the firm conviction, “Everything is transient in life, so as problems”, Utpal always exercises his options to find out the best possible solution for the discerning clients. The never say die attitude of Utpal has enabled to devise the most effective solutions for various corporate houses and individuals that have yielded. With a Law Degree from the prestigious Law School in his background, Utpal has exhibited excellent commands in legal affairs; he has helped many clients to keep their nerves cool during their cradle of crisis.  An indomitable desire to foster the growth of Tulip Solution, has enabled Utpal to identify versatile arenas for business expansion.


Sankha Banerjee, the co-founder of Tulip Solution, has shown excellence in formulating exemplary strategies and techniques. An unprecedented analytical ability and ice cool nerves have devised cutting edge strategies for most of the legal disputes, which have shown tangible results. Sankha is impregnated with the right skill to define and switch strategies as the requirements arise. His strong inclination towards Tours and Travel has empowered Tulip Solution to launch its Travel segment as a part of diversion and expansion. Sankha with his artistic leanings has been constantly working to elevate Tulip Solution as a corporate brand with conglomerate services.


The intermingling combination of the two pillars, Utpal and Shankha has empowered Tulip Solution to venture out in two other specialized segments with the core focus on Legal solutions in such a short tenure.



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